Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hey You! You Are Amazing!

Hey you, thanks for reading my blog. That's right you. I love you. You are great, you are incredible. People don't appreciate you and all you do, but someday, someDAY they will. And they'll be all like, "Man, why didn't we appreciate them more back when we didn't?! We really missed out."

You have striking features. Anyone ever tell you that? I'm serious, your eyes... wow. And you know what? You make me smile. Every time I think about you...*ding* there it is, a smile right there on my face. Because you are amazing, that's why. Speaking of smiles, you have a fantastic one, so just keep on smiling and making the world a better place.

You make my life better just because I know you.

You're such a hard worker too. I admire that. You are an inspiration to me, thank you. Because of you, I want to be a better person and give more of myself.

You are strong, you are powerful, you are beautiful, you are without equal.

So keep it up, keep being amazing, and incredible because some of us really love it that you are.

inspiration for this message from here

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  1. I love that video! It has come up as the topic of many conversations in high school.