Monday, February 14, 2011

St. Valenfreakintine's Day



  • My girlfriend waiting until she's going to explode before she says something's making her upset.

  • School.

  • Homework being on the chapter about love intimacy and friendship and me not having a good day in that section of life.

  • The fact that both assignments are due today, and they both have to do with that crap.

Horrible Timing!!!

Speaking of horrible timing, some girl I wanted to talk to months ago and haven't seen since I started dating my girlfriend just happened to be at church yesterday and what do you know we had a lovely conversation. Hints were dropped how she was not doing much for Valentine's and such. Ugh, why?! My girlfriend just had to dump everything on me on Saturday and then this girl shows up the next day. A girl I was genuinely interested in.

Once my GF dumps everything on me she feels better and wants to reconnect and for everything to be fine. I don't feel fine.

I don't want to do my homework.