Monday, December 19, 2011

T.M.I. Thank You Very Much

You know how sometimes when someone asks you something and you give an answer, in your head you don't really know if your answer makes sense to them? So you think about what you could say to qualify what you just said so that it makes more sense or justifies your answer. Like if your grandma offers you a homemade treat and you say no thanks, you feel like there should be a reason behind your "no thank you."

Well, sometimes that happens, but sometimes you really don't need to say anything else. Please, don't go into intimate details. I really don't care, and now that you told me I can't un-hear it. Or stop thinking about it. Thanks.

I had finals last week and while those were super fun, I also got to handle finals all week at work too. I work at a school and my job is giving out tests and supervising the students taking them. It is not a hard job, but it can get pretty busy during finals. To make the experience more pleasant we will bring food to share so we can all keep our spirits and strength up. Well, one of my coworkers decided to bring a bunch of chocolate chip cookies to give to students as they finished their tests. This is a great idea and it provided smiles and happiness for tired stressed students, and if they don't want one, they can just not have one. I noticed that many students would come out and look at the tin of cookies, hand me their test and then just walk away, and I think they must not have made the connection that these were a gift for them. I then noted how offering a cookie when they came out garnered a much better response and more frequent cookie takers.

The day wore on and sometime in the afternoon, when the coworker who brought the cookies was sitting at the station with the cookies, a man came out to give her his test. Like normal she offered him a cookie and he said, "no thank you," and I thought that was it. He walked to the door as his test was being run through the scanner, and he paused, "I have a kidney stone at the moment..." oh really? please, do tell, "...and I can't really have chocolate. I have to avoid it. No chocolate for me." Ok, so I just learned that if one has a kidney stone, one should not have chocolate, apparently. Why did you feel the need to tell us that? Now I keep imagining what that must be like, searing pain, the sudden onset of xocolataphobia, the strange urge to divulge my current state of misfortune to people who offer me cookies. Kidney stones are no good I tell you, no good at all.

Chocolate chip cookies, however, are.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hello Again Friends

Wow, it's been a while hasn't it? When did I last post? AGES ago? yep you're right, ages ago. Sorry about that.

I have been well, and that is always good. I hope that you are also well. A lot can happen in such a long time, so tell me, how the heck are you?!

Ok, my turn.

At the end of September my car overheated and the radiator was the reason. It decided that it had finally had enough and burst while I was taking a girl out on a first date. Oh, and this was while we were just heading up the canyon to look at all the beautiful fall leaves, so we were quite a ways from home. We pulled over at a nice little turnout and ate our food in the dimming light while the engine cooled. I just happened to have some coolant with me and put some more in the reservoir. We decided that it would be best to just head back and try to get home as soon as we could. We had to stop at least three times to let the engine cool and my date was all the time laughing and having a great time. I'm actually really glad she was there, it helped me keep my wits about me, you know so I could show this girl how I could handle a tough situation and know what to do and stuff. Oh, and it kept me from pushing my car over a cliff. Eventually, we made it back to my parents' house and the car just quit. Sad day. So we went to plan B. We walked to her house and watched some stuff on Netflix. I think Dr. Who and The IT Crowd were on the docket that evening.

I was now without a functional car and stranded at my home of my parents and siblings for the whole weekend. This was General Conference weekend I believe and it was nice to spend the time with my family. My date must not have gone as horribly as I had imagined because the girl I went with, who lived quite close to my parents' residence, found several occasions to join my company. I did not find this to be disagreeable and we spent nearly the whole weekend together.

Reality began to set in when I realized that I would have to get my car looked at before I would be able to go much of anywhere, including: work, school, oh yeah, HOME! Well, I got the car looked at and they replaced the radiator and that seemed to do the trick. It was mighty frustrating getting the school the previous day I can tell you!

So, school and work both kept happening, and so did seeing this girl. Huh, yep, still there. Just stalking me everywhere. Ok, not really. I was asking her out and she was saying yes, and then she'd invite me and I'd say yes, and after a while I just decided I'd had enough and kissed her in the rain. Want a romantic kiss? Kiss in the rain.

School is almost over and I am feeling like it can't really get here soon enough. Two more finals and I'll be ready to relax for Christmas.