Monday, December 20, 2010



So I went to see tron on Saturday and I have to say it was a thrilling ride. I really want a Light Cycle. Real bad. The technology is where the imagination was all those years ago when special effects were a trial and error process, with heavy reliance on camera tricks, and the results are spectacular. I loved it. Everything was so smooth and shiny, and the vehicles, suits, discs, and terrain were intricate and elegantly simple at the same time.

I think they did a really good job on the story, filling in the things you needed to know without making you wish they would move on, providing the characters with believable emotions and enough development you got a feeling of where they were coming from.

A tid bit of info I found pretty cool was that the costume designers wanted to make the suits actually light up and with whatever high falootin' techno gadgetry of this modern age they had they made the suits light up. I think that is awesome. I also want a Light suit.
I love the music in this movie! It's so old+new and awesome. Daft punk make a cameo in this movie and they look pretty cool I must say. Not only do they look amazing but the soundtrack to this movie is incredible, the bass is so low and the treble so trebly and the beats so head bobbing good. Then they fill out the electronica sound with symphonic bliss and the resulting audio elixir will cure whatever ails you.

I would like to give this movie a high five because it did what lots of movies try to do but didn't have to put in all the crap Hollywood usually insists must be present for a movie to be a success.

Go see this movie and you'll have lots of good fun. My girlfriend even liked it, and she's "not a nerd".

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Life is a funny thing. Sometimes it doesn't let you breathe between smacks in the face and sometimes it is just peaceful and serene. It's finals right now for both my school and my work, I work at a University in Testing Services. I took my final for Psychology yesterday and basically owned it so that is a load off the mind. I still have to deal with finals for the rest of the week at work though.

Those of you I talk to frequently will know by now that I have a girlfriend. Those of you who don't know this still you're dumb because if you read the last sentence you should know this too. Anyway, her name is Julie and she's pretty awesome. As you can see she likes to dress up and in this picture is a gypsy (selfnamed Sapphira, [I added Jewel in the Night]). I'm dressed as a thief/rogue named Akos Amun Semajj (the White Falcon, The Hidden one). We went to three Halloween parties together like this and went to a masquerade party before those. The girl loves to dress up. I was surprised that I had not found out about this interest of hers before then. When she found out what I was dressing up as she told me her thoughts were "I can't be out dressed by a guy!" so she bought a corset!

We have known each other for a few months having met through a mutual friend. I started to notice her shortly afterward but eventually just took her presence for granted. During a Stake YSA activity to a corn maze I started to flirt with her and sent her a few texts later that night. She said later that she was totally confused because I didn't usually act like that with her, but she took notice and I ended up on her Radar Screen of Potential. After that I had asked if she wanted to come to a Masquerade ball and she bought a mask for it and came.

There was a dating workshop put on by Alisa Goodwin Snell on the 20th of November and it was free! So I'm a fan of free stuff and I like dating, and I also like learning new things... especially stuff that pertains to life and stuff. So I went and Julie went too, and afterward I knew that she would know what I was doing or meaning by doing certain things because she went to the workshop. That made communication 1,000,000 times easier. I guess we started being exclusive on the 1st of December and it's been pretty fun to get to know her family and to spend time with her.