Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So, for my birthday, I received a box of crackers and a book. The book was freaking awesome. It's 'The Way of Shadows' and focuses on an individual who grows up as a guild rat (think Oliver Twist, orphans who all pack together and are governed by the older kids) and becomes the apprentice to a wetboy. (this is a quote from the book) "Wetboys are like assassins in the way tigers are like kittens." yeah, wetboys are crazy. So while I read the book I ate my Chicken in a Biscuit crackers and all in all things were good. But I kind of felt like my birthday had been kinda lame, no parties, two presents, so I splurged on myself a bit and got an iPod Touch. I like it a lot. I got a cover for it that is only a thin skin. I like that it stays the same dimensions this way but I dislike fingerprints and what not on shiny objects, so this is perfect.

I'm still alive, and having fun. I'll post something about my psychological and emotional state as regarding females in a different post, when I feel like it.