Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Deremy Forethew

Well, the ball was awesome. It was a fiasco first though. My date called me a few minutes before she got home so I could come drop off the mask and give her time to do her makeup and get all gussied up for the ball. I got there about five minutes later and she was in the driveway with her car's hood up and a phone to her ear. I stepped out and approached her, very aware now of the distraught look on her face. It was pretty obvious with one look at the engine that all was not right and I stepped closer to inspect it; her voice, not quite as steady as she would like, in the ambiance. It was her uncle, a very talented mechanic who unfortunately lives in another state, and she was trying to describe the scene in front of her. It was like a vascular eruption of the vehicular mobilius or maybe an automotive arterial hemorrhage. Oil was everywhere. After talking to her uncle for a bit she asked me where her dipstick was and after looking around for a couple seconds I determined that she didn't have one. I could see where it was supposed to be but it wasn't there. More like it was banished. The part of the tube the dipstick handle rests on there at the top was blown out like the results of an explosive in a pipe. I tired to console her as best I could and she promised to be happy later and have a good time at the Ball, but shortly after I left she called with sad news. She had to take the car to the shop immediately and that meant she wouldn't be coming. :( sad day.

Three hours. That's how long I had till the Ball started. Two tickets + no date = time to call everyone you know. I called and called and called. Left messages, asked those I talked to if they might know someone... those missionary skills coming into use again ;) and no one could go. Then one of my friends called me back saying she talked to a friend of hers that lived fairly close to where the ball was being held and said she would be willing to go. Sweet! So we went and had a great time and laughed and danced and wore sweet masks.

On Sunday I went to this great fireside, like I mean one of my favorites. Ever. It was a dating counselor named Alisa Goodwin Snell and she had so many insights and tips it was mind boggling. I seriously learned some great stuff. How to convey confidence, not falling into the "too nice guy" trap, having a good "rejection plan" for when she turns you down, how to spot when they are interested, and plenty of other stuff. Here's her website. Holy cow, I have felt like I can't seem to get ahead in this stupid game and really it's been like walking around with a bow and no arrows. Now "I'm Deremy Forethew, I'm the archer!" I love it! Dang I wish more people had been there. There were so many things that she told the guys, and she told the girls a whole slew of things that they needed to be aware of. She said, "Most men know they don't understand women, but most women think they understand men, but they don't. They REALLY don't."