Monday, August 15, 2011

Man Country

So, I recently moved out of my parents' house and have been in a room in a house with a few other guys and I don't really have the means to put up shelves or make things awesome the way I want to. This was fixed by my birthday present from them. My mom had come over to check out my new digs and upon talking to my dad said that I needed help putting up shelves to which he replied: So what you're saying is, 'he needs to have some tools so he can take care of it himself.'

My dad is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to construction and building stuff. When I was little if ever there was an issue with a toy or something not working I would just go to dad and minutes later it was fixed. This led to the coining of the phrase: Daddy fic-itz!! I used to be challenged when it came to talking, but I just kept practicing and now I'm really good at talking, like, I won't stop so be careful. Anyway, he knows lots of stuff and so I pretty much always know that what he suggests with tools or how to fix stuff is basically the best way to do it, or best tool for the job. They got me a toolbox, a speed square, a Black & Decker drill, a set of bits from Bosch, and a level. I have this overwhelming feeling that I have stepped foot into manhood and there is no turning back. I feel funny... Why is this happening to me? Is this real life? David, like you I have these questions but for me the effect will not subside in a few hours. I'm a man for ever.

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  1. Welcome newcomer, but you are only partway there, to become 100% a man you must find a Gal to get married to! haha! Then you will see just how much of a man you can be!