Monday, August 1, 2011

Harry Potter

It has been a thrilling ride this past decade +. And since J.K.Rowling began writing the tale of Harry's adventures around 7 years after Harry's adventures started, the story was done when the books began. That is to say Harry, Ron, and Hermione were celebrating the defeat of Voldemort when she published the first book, so now those little young'uns are just about to head off to Hogwarts.

I think it's awesome how a whole generation has grown up with this epic tale of good versus evil. Good always prevails! It's not without sacrifices, sometimes great ones, but in the end love conquers all. In this case I'm not referring to romance, just capital L-O-V-E, the all encompassing enabling power in the heart that gives courage in dark times, peace in tumultuous times, strength when you need it most, and builds unity and loyalty infinitely more powerful than fear-mongering and coercion. I like Harry Potter. It is a great tale.

I'd like to thank my good friend Steph for having a Mom who has a sister that reserved a whole theater for us to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt II at 9pm opening night, that rocked. I went as Waldo dressed as Harry Potter. I liked it.

Oh and by the way, Harry celebrated his 31st birthday yesterday on July 31st. Happy Golden birthday Harry!

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