Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Alien Abduction? Bring Your Sword

I had the weirdest dream that my sister was being abducted by aliens who had studied humans for centuries, well, earth really, and it was actually for millions of years. She kept being taken when they thought no one would notice because they thought she held the key for something and I was PISSED that they were doing this. Someone else and I staged an ambush but every time a new "agent" from the ship teleported in they would move too fast and take her away but we knew if we could grab them before they beamed up we could get beamed up too, but they were always too fast.

Then there was a Velociraptor that tried to kill us at first (see the aliens had been using dinosaurs for a long time and had even taught them how to speak) but I was able to get the raptor to become our friend. Then the next time my sister was back I decided it was ninja time and I guarded her myself. A guy came wearing a white gui and mask and moved so fast I could barely move before she was gone. Then something snapped and I could move that fast too and I nearly cut him in half with my sword. But he got transported right then, only because my sword was in him I got transported too. Then we were on the ship I guess only it looked like feudal Japan mixed with your average neighborhood, sort of. Cherry blossoms were blowing in the wind and the guy had put my sister down and was being helped by a couple other people. I calmly got into a defensive position by my sister, staying in contact with her in case they wanted to beam me back down so it would take her with me. But they didn't.

They healed the one guy I almost killed and then two others began to talk about me and ask themselves how best they should kill me. I suppose I should mention they all looked like samurai with traditional clothing, no armor, and I would say I was reminded of Bleach a little. They each had their own specialized weapon: the biggest one had a three section staff with spear points on the ends, the tall one had a sword and a naginata, and the one I had hit already was hanging back a bit, but he had a sword and that was it. I noticed my sword still had blood on it from the guy I sliced so I quickly spun my blade once and the blood flew off and landed like an insult at the feet of the three men, or aliens... They hung back a bit just watching me, and I watched them. They took turns trying to show off their moves to intimidate me and I just watched and remembered everything about their style and how they moved and they had a fine time showing off, yelling and hi-ya!-ing. Then they stood back and I guess it was my turn to make some sort of display, so I silently swung my blade and cut down a tree (as they do in anime shows, this was a dream after all) but I didn't make a sound and the tree slowly fell over. They were stunned that I had made no yell or any sound at all and all began to advance on me. The tall one and the big one talked about how I had not made a noise and wondered what style I used. The big one charged me first and tried to trap my sword in his three sectioned staff which I let him do. He tried to pull it from my hands and I let the force of that carry me into the face of the tall one, at which point I let go of my sword and deftly stole his naginata. I landed a short distance away and spun to face my opponents, only pausing to build my energy, and sprung forward with blinding speed, disarming the tall one of his sword and tripping the big one so that my sword came out of the tangle it was in. Grabbing it, I re-sheathed the blade and held the naginata at the ready. I had lost sight of the first guy I had cut, who had been healed, and he was there behind me. Swinging the naginata around I tried to block his blow but he was able to knock the weapon from my hands and now the big one jabbed at me with the point on the end of his weapon. While I was dodging, the tall one dashed by and stole my sword.

I landed and stood, now weaponless, in the center of the three men. I channeled my energy to make myself as fast as I had been and waited for them to move. The big one was first and I moved only enough to make him miss and then, taking hold of the end of the staff I spun outward and toward his body, breaking his wrist and elbow, and taking the staff from his grip. I blocked the sword of the little one with the staff and in almost the same motion dropped the big one to the ground and hit the tall one in the face with the staff who then dropped my sword. Dashing past him I picked it up and spun to face them.

The tall one asked me what style it was that I used as he had never encountered someone like me before and I figured the most insulting thing at this point would be that I had only just started learning sword play a month ago. I was right because his face got a red and I could tell he was super angry.
He shouted, "tell me what style you use! And how it is you release so much energy without a sound!" I simply stared back at him.

I decided to open my mouth, but this time I released a battle cry and as I did, the ground around me erupted, sending earth flying everywhere. As I charged him the ground continued to erupt behind me leaving a spewing wake of destruction and I could see the terror on all of their faces. As I got closer I started to drag my sword through the street and the cobble stones lit on fire and exploded everywhere my sword cut them. I slashed my blade up diagonally from right to left and gave a yell with the movement as they had done, and my blade sent out an arc of power, cutting and destroying everything to the left of the three men. I followed it with an identical slash upward and to the right and another arc of power destroyed everything to the right of them. I lifted my blade above my head and, still charging, gave the most intense yell yet, and the rooster tail of spewing earth I'd left behind me looked silly next to the volcano of destruction that was released now...

But just before I could bring my blade down I was transported back to Earth and so was my sister. I skidded to a stop and looked at the sky. I saw their ship go to FTL right there and streak out into the dark. I was pretty sure they wouldn't be coming back.

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