Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1001 Realizations: Things You Should Have Realized By Now

I have a new blog.

This one is for my life stuff, and other stuff, and stuff.

The NEW blog is for those things people should know about the world, society, and stuff in general so they don't have that sudden realization in the middle of a big party or in class at school and look like the person who's lived in a bubble their whole life. You know, that time when your friend suddenly realized that pork and ham and bacon all come from the same animal? And he said that out loud in science class and everyone made fun of him for months? It's too bad this blog can't go back in time to help him... but it's here now, so go visit it!

And give me suggestions or stories about times you or someone you know had one of those "Ah HA!" moments, and they don't have to be the kind where it was embarrassing, it might have been by yourself in the car driving home from work.

seriously, go check it out. (remember it's brand new so there aren't 1,001 realizations yet)

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