Friday, March 21, 2014

Kickstarter is Awesome

I would like to suggest to anyone that actually reads this, go check out Albino Dragon's kickstarter campaign: Dragon Crate

What is Kickstarter? It's awesome. Sorry, I'll be more specific. It's a site that allows creators to showcase their projects - computer software like video games, engineering innovations, art, fashion, games, movies, and pretty much anything else - and ask for support from anyone and everyone on the internet. This gives creators a way to complete their projects without needing corporate funding. It's called crowd-funding. Now, why would you want to help people make their projects? To motivate people to help them, creators offer rewards to people who are willing to pledge their support based on their pledge amount.

I have gotten some awesome poker decks based on stories of favorite books from Albino Dragon. Here's their website:

There are tons of things on Kickstarter, I'll come back and show off some of the things I have because of my participation.

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