Monday, March 12, 2012

Lightsabers are Awesome!!

I recently purchased a couple lightsabers from and they rock. I got the Collectors Edition "Prophecy" RGB (meaning you can switch and mix up to seven different colors) and a Liberator V2 in Guardian Blue.

I have been wanting to duel with them ever since they came... and on March 11th I got my chance :)

My cousin Josh was pretty pumped about it and we took them outside to mess around a bit. After a five or so minutes we started filming and did this on the first try:


Lightsabers are awesome.

You're Welcome


  1. Very nice :) I wouldn't mind swinging one of those around. Also your web design is abysmal. Please make that image not right in front of the text when it's on half the screen.

  2. it's not in the way on my screen at all. get a bigger screen?